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Why do we require to Conserve the Atlantic Forest?

The Atlantic Forest is located on Brazil's eastern seaboard. It is estimated that originally it made up some 14% of the land location of Brazil. Sadly, in 2008 it tends to make up only 1.four%. In reality, according to the Nature Conservancy, the Atlantic Forest is mcculloch chainsaws deemed to be the world's most endangered tropical forest.

Most of the deforestation has taken place in only the last one hundred many years. The trees have been minimize down for timber, and to clear the land for farming. Only seven% of the forest is nevertheless effectively preserved, and even that little percentage is really fragmented.

Sad to say for the Atlantic Forest, Brazil's eastern seaboard is also the primary site for the two population and sector. The substantial cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are the two situated here. And this location accounts for approximately 70% of Brazil's population and all around 80% of Brazil's gross domestic products.

So why do we require to support efforts to preserve the Atlantic Forest?

The Atlantic Forest is a biodiversity hotspot. It is extremely wealthy in flora and fauna. forty% of plants, 27% of mammals, 38% of freshwater fish and an wonderful 61% of all amphibians located there are not located anyplace else. Just consider of what we will drop if we drop this amazing habitat. Just imagine what we have lost previously.

60% of all Brazil's threatened species live in the Atlantic Forest. Populations have been separated as the forest is fragmented. By supporting reforestation tasks, we are supporting the re-creation of habitat for threatened species and making sure their continued survival.

Fresh clean water is becoming an more and more uncommon and precious resource the world in excess of. In Brazil, the conversion of the Atlantic Forest into pasture all around the city of Sao Paulo has impacted the two the amount and excellent of water supplying the city. In reality, the destruction of the Atlantic Forest negatively influences the water provide to about 70% of the country's population.

What You can Do to Conserve the Atlantic Forest

Support grass roots efforts to restore the Atlantic Forest. Groups this kind of as SALVEASERRA and their Trees and Training project are a excellent place to get started. Or you can join in the Nature Conservancy's Plant a Billion Trees campaign. Donate if you can, but simply just raising awareness and spreading the word can make a substantial difference.

Unlawful logging is nevertheless a substantial contributor to the deforestation of this location. When obtaining timber or timber solutions, do your homework first. Uncover out in which it comes from and how it is grown. If you can't be confident that it does not come from the Rainforest, don't acquire it.

The Atlantic Forest has been cleared to expand beef and soya beans. Know in which your food comes from and how it is grown. The easiest way to make confident you are not harming the rainforest is to eat locally grown food that you know is grown in a sustainable, earth pleasant way.

Regardless of the substantial destruction of the Atlantic Forest to date, it can be saved. We all require to do our part. Spread the word!

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